Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ronald Reagan

I've become fascinated with the life of Ronald Reagan, partially because it would have been his 100th birthday this year. It's not for the reasons you might think. I have become interested in reevaluating his movie career and am interested in discovering all of the things Reagan did as head of the Screen Actors Guild among other things.

I recently purchased a graphic novel version of his life by Andrew Hefler, Steve Buccellato and Joe Staton and it talks about all the things Reagan did, both good and bad, and very straightforward.

Some may say, "Why bother?" I don't know. I always have a fascination with reading about various people, even if I didn't care for them personally. I've read biographics of Adolph Hitler and even "Mein Kampf", so I just like to know things.

I'm certainly not comparing Reagan to Hitler, but Reagan was certainly no angel and had numerous flaws, yet surprisingly, he is still one of our most popular Presidents of all time.

P.S. I'd love to find a copy of the album pictured above...

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Mort Todd said...

His whole speech about socialized medicine (with this image) is on YouTube at and just as topical today as it was 50 years ago. His "time capsule" speech from 76 about 100 years from then is pretty good, too!