Friday, February 04, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

"The Big Bang Theory" is my favorite TV show currently on TV. Remember, I DON'T have cable so none of that counts. This is really old school here, where I only consider what's on the originally three (ok four) networks as REAL TV.

Most of what's on REAL TV is crap. Mainly reality shows and stupid singing and dancing competitions. When it comes to writing actual CONTENT for REAL TV, them pickin's is sparse, nowadays.

Usually it's stupid sitcoms with no jokes or stupid action or drama shows that don't have enough material for a half hour, much less an hour.

Yeah, yeah I know. Some of your favorites are these shows. Who cares...

So, I like "The Big Bang Theory", but not for the reasons you think. You think it is because it is about comic book nerds. The real reason is because it is funny, pure and simple.

Case in point, watch "Shit My Dad Says" afterwards and you'll see the difference. "Big Bang" is funny; "Shit" is not. Even with, Shatner...

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