Friday, October 01, 2010

Tony Curtis

I feel fortunate to have met Tony Curtis. He was at a function about 7 or 8 years ago receiving one of probably many lifetime achievement awards at a local film festival. He was a treat to be around and I did get his autograph which I cherished then and of course I do now.

"Some Like it Hot" is one of my favorite films and in fact, I got a free copy of it at this same film festival. I had met Jack Lemmon years earlier, but did not get his autograph, but I am glad that I was able to meet the main stars of this great film that were alive during my lifetime.

I also love Tony in films like "Trapeze" or "Houdini", which he did with his first wife, Janet Leigh. Of course, he did many, many films and he was good even in lame stuff like "Lepke" (look it up).

Anyway, as always he will be missed, and missed a little more by me as he was so gracious when I met him.

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Bishop said...

Back in 1990, he came into Music Plus (Wilshire & 14th or so in Santa Monica) - I knew who he was but was too embarrassed to say anything. (I only worked there about 9 months, but didn't say anything to Matt Groening who rented movies from me, Holly Hunter, ditto, or the frontman for the Untouchables. I was a rather sad and shy fanboy.)