Friday, October 15, 2010

"Hot Stuff" Book is Out

The "Hot Stuff" book is out now (issued last Wednesday), and unlike the version of the cover shown here, there is no Herman & Katnip anywhere in sight. I knew that it was probably a preliminary cover.

If you picked up the recent "Casper" volume, this is more of the same, meaning that the size is slightly smaller in dimension to that of standard comic books, but larger than an Archie Digest. It is the same size as Dark Horse's "Little Lulu" books and is also in full color.

Let's hope for future volumes!

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Chris Barat said...


I read the first TREASURY volume last night, and, I gotta say... this amounts to a step BACKWARDS. No original appearance dates, no artist credits. It's handsomely produced, but what do we have here but a slick version of an old Harvey digest? At least the material is good.