Wednesday, October 06, 2010

John Lennon 70 on Saturday

John Lennon would have turned 70 on Saturday. People often speculate what would have happened had Lennon not been shot at 40. I think he would have turned out a few more albums, but I honestly don't think he would have been as prolific as he was pre-1975. Some people disagree with this.

Honestly, of the four Beatles, Paul McCartney has always been the "workaholic". The only reason that the four ex-Beatles churned out so much music after they broke up from 1970-75 is that they were contractually obligated to do so. After 1975, except for McCartney, all of them took long breaks. It's only in recent times that Ringo has upped his output while Paul has kind of slowed down.

It would have been nice if Lennon had lived to see him on his planned 1981 tour. I would have definitely gone. I think that Lennon would have done the "Anthology", but if there were a proper Beatles reunion, it would have been very short-lived, and in retrospect, what did come out was probably more than what would have happened had Lennon survived.

Everyone thinks Lennon was all happy about bringing The Beatles back. Sure, in a deposition made shortly before his death, Lennon revealed that there were plans to eventually reform The Beatles in some capacity to finish work on "The Long and Winding Road" (which became "Anthology"), but who knows when or if that would really happen. Lennon was just covering his butt and protecting The Beatles name and image, so that no one could take it away.

Ultimately, in life or in death, they are all tied together and since it doesn't really matter anyway what WOULD have happened, I just say, enjoy the music that Lennon did create and listen and/or buy the umpteenth greatest hits collection or remaster in honor of what would have been his 70th birthday, or go pull out an old scratchy vinyl and listen that way...

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