Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"The Social Network" Review

I saw "The Social Network" last night and really enjoyed it. It's not the best movie ever made, but was very watchable and interesting. I am wondering how accurate it really is, but in truth, it doesn't really matter.

It's amazing to me that Facebook made a name for itself since MySpace had the market share already. What Facebook DID do was to basically "clean up" MySpace. I am not meaning making it G-rated. Rather, Facebook always looked "clean". All photos are the same size and very uniform. The backgrounds are white and not black.

Overall, it's the boring sameness in looks that attracted older viewers like even my dad to become Facebook members.

My favorite feature of Facebook vs. MySpace is that Facebook sends you the email message that someone has typed in, so you don't HAVE to log into Facebook to read or respond to it. MySpace forces you to log in to read your mail. That was the "selling point" for me.

I originally signed up in 2005, shortly after I signed up and was enjoying MySpace. At the time, Facebook really had nothing going for it. I had to sign up acting like I was still going to San Francisco State, but none of my friends from State were there at the time, so I ignored it until about 2008, when I looked again and saw a LOT of my friends. What a difference three years makes.

Incidentally, I still have my MySpace account, but rarely log into it and wonder if anyone is even watching the show anymore over there.

Interestingly, the movie ends about the time when I signed up, as they were just expanding beyond the US and schools, and then the lawsuits began.

It's ultimately amazing that Facebook works so well and people actually got rich and are getting rich off of it. By you reading this blog (assuming you're not reading it on Blogspot where it was originally written), supports Facebook and justifies their cause.

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