Friday, August 13, 2010

Smothers Brothers "New" Release

I love the Smothers Brothers and I love their old albums on Mercury Records. Unfortunately, Mercury Records doesn't think too much about their archives, so it's up to to resurrect these old classic albums and finally issue them onto CD.

Unfortunately, they take their sweet time and you have to order through Laugh or pay a premium if you order through Amazon and they are (usually) not available in stores, which is also sometimes a drag.

Anyway, "The Two Sides of The Smothers Brothers" is now available on CD, without any fanfare. It is called the "Two Sides" because one side is comedy songs and the other side is straight folk songs. The comedy side is what's great and this is the album that has the classic "Chocolate". If you don't laugh at this, you don't understand comedy. "Chocolate" is what made me become a Smothers Brothers fan when I first heard it on "Dr. Demento" back in the 80s.

I searched for the long out-of-print vinyl record (which is surprisingly easy to find) and soon amassed all of the 12 original Smothers Brothers albums, of which about a half are now available on CD through Laugh.

Here's hoping they speed up the process and get the rest of them out including the great "Tour De Farce: American History" and "Mom Always Liked You Best" albums.

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