Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Mad" is Back and Bimonthly!!!

Actually, "Mad" never went anywhere, but for the common person, they usually ask when I say something about "Mad": "Do they still publish that? I remember reading it as a kid."

Things like "MadTV", though it had its moments, did nothing to change that assessment, so as a promotional vehicle for the magazine, it was a flop. Of course, they never promoted the magazine on the TV shows and after the first year or so, the magazine never promoted the TV show, so so much for synergy, eh?

Anyway, in recent times "Mad" switched from being monthly to quarterly, and they canceled all of the other "Mad" related titles, specials and annuals. Most who did know about "Mad" thought that "Mad" would be canceled shortly.

Recently, an amazing thing happened. First, "Mad" is back up to six times a year, but more amazingly, it's become funnier (still not as funny as it was at its peak, but funnier than it has been in a long time), and most importantly, an animated series is set to debut this fall on Cartoon Network (although I have seen a preview on Cartoon Brew and was not impressed).

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