Sunday, August 08, 2010

"South Park" Update

Since I haven't had cable since 1997 (yes, it's true!), I have gotten behind in my "South Park" watching. A friend of mine is lending my different seasons and lent me season 10 and more recently season 11.

The funny thing was on season 10, I had actually seen three of the 14 episodes, so I eventually see these things by osmosis as I know other friends have shown me these things.

I actually had also grown tired of "South Park". It seemed basically the same over and over and over. These later episodes are much better as they have a theme that usually is something taken from the day's headlines, thus making it a more enjoyable viewing experience.

The humor is still quite sophomoric, but that's the way it is. The most recent one I've watched is the first one from season 11, where Stan's dad mistakenly says the "N" word on "Wheel of Fortune" and all hell breaks loose. Funny stuff.

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