Friday, August 27, 2010

Airplane Cel Help Re-Post

Jerry Beck posted on Cartoon Brew that he helped out the "History Detectives" solve a mystery of identifying some animation cels, an episode which will be airing sometime on the week of August 30 on PBS. (Check your local listings.)

Anyway, it reminded me of my age old inquiry about an animation cel that I purchased about 25 years ago that I have no idea what cartoon it is from. This, from my blog entry from July 17, 2008:

This is a scan of an animation cel I purchased about 20 years ago, dating from the 1940s. I've asked a great many animation experts including Jerry Beck what film this animated airplane is from and I have literally stumped the panel.

I can tell you that it is NOT from Tex Avery's "Little Johnny Jet", nor is it from Disney's "Pedro" from "Saludos Amigos".

I have been told that it is probably from a Walter Lantz cartoon, but I have no idea if this is correct or if correct, what title?

I own quite a few cartoon collections and have yet to find a scene with this airplane. Please help!!!

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