Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Found a Bunny Button!!

Unfortunately, it is not mine, but at least I know now that it does exist. In recent times, I have decided to seek out premiums from old comic books. Typically, this consists of fan club buttons and cards.

I have found and purchased a "Sick Inner Circle Club" button, a "Tippy Teen P.A.L. Club" button, an "Underdog Fan Club" card, and three versions of the "Archie Fan Club" button.

The "Bunny" button and card have been quite illusive to me. I STILL haven't seen the card, but this is photographic proof that the button exists. If you see one for sale, please please please let me know.

"Bunny" was an "Archie" clone comic book published by Harvey Comics from 1966-1971 and an additional issue in 1976. It was never that popular, but it does have its fans. I even started a Facebook page devoted to "Bunny".

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