Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogs and Spider-Man

I've noticed the readership of my blog here has increased quite a bit in the last couple of months which is great but also something I didn't really expect. Writing a blog apparently is like being Spider-Man, "With great power comes great responsibility". Ok, maybe that's a tad overblown, but the point is, I realize that I cannot use the blog to grouse about my work or grouse about my friends, because it can get one in trouble.

I actually did the latter one a few months ago, and totally alienated a person I was trying to get to know. Lesson learned. I'm still sorry. So, as a result, I try to keep my personal life out of this as much as possible. Oh, you might see me rant occasionally about Bush (834 days to go), but other than that I try to keep things on an even keel and not blast anyone, even cryptically.

Anyway, for regular readers I haven't had a blog in a bit because also amazingly I have had a lot of different freelance offers, which you will probably hear about in days and months to come. This last weekend I had do scans for two different articles and write two different book proposals and do promotion on my other book and whew! Lots of stuff!

So, things have slowed a little bit, so I'll try to post more, but I love all of the new projects! Keep 'em coming...

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