Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Blob Blog

This weekend at a friend's party, we viewed "The Blob", the horror film that launched Steve McQueen's career. Although a bit campy in places, it is still fine viewing almost 50 years later. Most if not all of the people in the room had never seen it before and some claimed they thought it was in black and white. I assured them that it was indeed originally in color. They were all impressed with the special effects, something today's movie makers should take note. Everyone was impressed even though we were all huddled around a lap top computer watching the DVD. So much for having the "big screen" experience to enjoy a film.

I would love to see "The Blob" on the big screen, but it seems that nowadays once a movie hits the DVD shelves, it is destined for the DVD graveyard, never to be seen on the big screen again, at least in any form of regular release. It might get a midnight showing on Halloween somewhere, but overall it will never be presented in its original format, which is a shame. Hollywood used to re-release pictures all the time, then home video killed all that. I think they still could release something to the theater even if it is readily available on home video!

Oh well. Hollywood, what can you do...

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