Tuesday, October 10, 2006

45 RPM Records

I wish that the 45 RPM single format still existed. I have a huge collection and still enjoy buying more when I see a good picture sleeve I don't have. I also like it that it is THE way to get two songs for a buck, something that most of these download places don't offer.

It's also a sad day for Tower Records. It's amazing that they are going out of business considering how much money I have given them over the years. I used to buy the majority of my 45s there up until that fateful day in 1990 when the music industry just stopped producing them with any regularity.

There hasn't been a good format since for the single. Cassingles sucked because they were cassettes, which always kind of sucked, especially after CDs came into prominence. CD singles sucked because they charged way too much for them. What happened to 99c? What's ridiculous is that it is cheaper to press a CD than vinyl, yet they charged a lot more for CD singles.

Now people download off of the Internet and put them on their IPOD, which is silly too. The ideal way they should do it is to put a couple of a songs on a USB memory stick and charge the magic amount of 99c!

It's too late now for Tower, but had Tower or the music industry come up with this years ago, we wouldn't be in the problems we are in now.

It used to be that when you bought a single, it was like a taster for the album and if you got two or three off of the same album, then it was worth it to buy the entire album. Nowadays, you have to buy completely off of the merits of the artist. For example, name the big hit single off of Paul Simon's "Surprise" or the big hit single off of Neil Young's or the Rolling Stones' or Tom Petty's latest. You can't. I know KFOG plays tracks off of these albums when they come out, but it's not the same. It used to be that the new single was the track you played, until the next single came out.

I just mentioned long time acts. What if you were interested in a newer act like Death Cab For Cutie? You've heard of the group, but not sure you've heard any songs, and if you did, would you want to risk buying the entire album for $18.99 at Tower if it sucked? No wonder people download for free. You get the song you want, and ignore the rest.

It's sad that all of this is ending, but such is the nature of everything. At least I can go back and pick up the 45s I missed from second hand record shops...and I still play 'em too!!

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