Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When a Stranger Calls Review

Though this is not an original idea (it wasn't even original when the movie was made in 1979), it is still well made. A throwback to good horror-suspense before too much gore and shock of movies like "Hostel" and "Saw" tookover the marketplace. As such, I suppose it isn't doing very well, but Camilla Belle is quite the hottie and very easy on the eyes as she goes through the throws. But, as I saw it I thought to myself, why does she answer the phone so much? I guess it's always that curiousity, but if I was in the situation, I'd probably turn off the ringer and watch some TV. I may be dead by the end of the picture, but I wouldn't traumatize myself needlessly. Overall, worth seeing for its good story construction and execution, despite not being original. "Sorry, Wrong Number" (1948) is probably a good earlier example of the same concept.


Mark Arnold

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