Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Smothers Brothers!!!

Laugh.com does it again. They are now issuing "Think Ethnic" on CD. I was going to order a copy of this elusive, exclusive CD, but there were no order buttons on the website.

I got a man on the line and asked him about this and other Smothers issues. He said he's currently working on "Mom Always Liked You Best", and that that would be it as far as Smothers reissues were concerned. I was disappointed.

"What about "American History"? My favorite Smothers album?" I asked.

"Does that exist?" came the response.

I explained that "American History" was one of the funniest ones with Tommy's description of various events of history in his typical style and it had the classic "Mediocre Fred" on it.

The man said that he could definitely get that one out. I asked about other releases, but he says the likelihood of "Smothers Brothers Play it Straight" and Dick Smothers solo album are unlikely to come out since they are basically non-comedy. "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" couldn't come out due to it being TV soundtracks. Fortunately, Smothers DVDs have come out, negating the need for this CD.

I also asked about "Golden Hits, Vol. 2" and he said that this one might be more difficult as it was a compilation. I explained it was a compilation of new performances, but he still wasn't sure. Fortunately, a lot of tracks from this release are already on "Sibling Revelry".

So, I will take credit that I helped the man remember "American History"....

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