Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Political Humor

Ever since Obama got in there, I've pretty much refrained from taking any political stance in my blog, because it's business as usual for me, which means no comments at all. Bush, Jr. has been the ONLY political figure in my lifetime that has really pissed me off on the way he has done things. A close second was former California Governor Pete Wilson, but I didn't have a blog then to vent.

I am making a happy exception here. For those who don't know, Arnold Schwarzenegger's two terms as Governor of California are finally at an end. He was basically useless as a Governor. So, now we are faced with two new choices, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.

Brown was Governor before and he was essentially harmless, but more effective than Schwarzenegger and Wilson, so he earns my vote, not necessarily for what he can do, but because he's a better choice than Meg Whitman for one solid reason.

Whitman has spent millions of dollars of her own money in order to become Governor. In her campaign, she cries that she will fix all of these problems with California, yet continues to spend, spend, spend.

A better solution for Whitman would have been to spend the same amount of money and give it directly to the people that she is purporting to want to help once she becomes Governor, like teachers. She could have been viewed as a great philanthropist, but her incomprehensible need to be a leader, has shown me that if she can't manage her own money, how is she expected to manage mine?

Whitman's big strong point is that she led Ebay to be what it is today. The problem with her statement is that she basically did nothing. Ebay was already on the upswing before she came along, so all she really did was hire more staff, and I'm sure she didn't do it, directly. She most assuredly delegated this work.

Also, she hasn't voted in 28 years, so her knowledge of what's going on is not very good. And, her early ads made her sound like a Democrat, until her handlers told her about this, and then suddenly her ads changed to sound more Republican with stronger restrictions to immigrants and for welfare recipients.

She does have her followers, however, and this old "Richie Rich" panel which was modified by my friend Richard, kind of shows what's happening.

The funniest thing is that Brown has only started to spend recently. Yet while he wasn't spending and Whitman was overspending, they were still neck-a-neck...

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