Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Danny Kaye

I love Danny Kaye. Whom don't I love that I talk about here on this blog? Anyway, I just watched "On the Riviera". Not the greatest Kaye movie, but it contained a documentary about Kaye that was really fascinating.

Kaye seemed to delve into anything that interested him with relish and didn't seem to mind that he was a high school dropout and had no formal training for his pursuits. As a result, he became a Chinese food chef and an airplane pilot and an orchestra conductor and did all of them well!


For those who haven't experienced Kaye in the movies, I'd highly recommend "Wonder Man", "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "The Inspector General" and "The Court Jester" among others. All are available on DVD, though the first two are quite hard to find nowadays.

Kaye is perhaps best known to today's audiences for his work in "White Christmas", but he did so much more than that, and you should take it upon yourself to expose yourself to more of his work.

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