Thursday, September 02, 2010

Allan Sherman on CD

For those of you who missed the limited edition Allan Sherman box set from 2005 called "My Son, the Box", now have a second chance. All of the original Allan Sherman albums have finally been released onto separate CDs. This is only about 20 years too late, but oh well.

I still recommend the box over this because it has tons of extra tracks and is still widely available at a reasonable price ($100 for six CDs), but if you want to piecemeal it, you can buy all of the albums separately for about $12 each. They are:

1. My Son, the Folk Singer
2. My Son, the Celebrity
3. My Son, the Nut
4. Allan in Wonderland
5. For Swingin' Livers Only
6. My Name is Allan
7. Live! (Hoping You are the Same)
8. Togetherness


Bishop said...

Also available on CD is the highly amusing Peter and the Commissar featuring the Boston Pops:

Mark Arnold said...

Yes, of course, but "Commissar" was released quite a while ago, and was never part of the box set, strangely.

I love the box set, but it is not complete. I love Allan Sherman so much, I would have added the songs that Sherman sang from "The Cat in the Hat" TV special from 1971. Fortunately, all of those are on DVD.