Sunday, November 26, 2006

Insane Weather Reporting

I read a friend's posting on weather reporting in Seattle and it made me laugh out loud!! I live in Saratoga, CA, which is near San Jose, but since we live in the hills and do not have cable, we get the Sacramento stations better than the San Francisco ones with our antenna (look it up, kiddies).

Anyway, Sacramento has two forms of weather per year: it's hot and sunny in the Spring and Summer and cold, foggy and (sometimes) rainy in the Fall and Winter. Where I live it's the same, but usually no fog.

Some stations report on the weather 3-4 times in a half hour broadcast with absolutely nothing to say!! They talk about their triple dopler radars and other weather forecasting stuff, and amazingly they still get it wrong if they forecast over a day ahead. Like if they say it will rain in a week, it probably won't.

Regarding snow, since there isn't any near San Jose, San Francisco or Sacramento, this time of year all the stations send the weather person who drew the shortest straw to stand out in this area called "Blue Canyon" which is en route to Lake Tahoe where they shiver telling everyone not to come out in this snowy mess and to wear chains if you do. Insanity!!

I wonder what other useless weather reporting people around the world have to put up with, that's taking away from reporting real news!

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