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"Complete Harveytoons" DVD Set Contents

Here are the contents of the new "Harveytoons" DVD collection, according to Jon Cooke of GAC Forums:

Disc 1, Side A:

Show #1:
Boo Moon - Casper
Dizzy Dishes - Little Audrey
Out of This Whirl
Clip: Invention Convention

Show #2:
Mouse Trapeze - Herman & Katnip
Casper Comes to Clown - Casper
Jolly the Clown
Clip: Clown on the Farm - Baby Huey

Show #3:
Scout Fellow - Baby Huey
Boo Scout - Casper
Scouting for Trouble
Clip: Northwest Mousie - Herman & Katnip

Show #4:
Cat Tamale - Herman & Katnip
Bull Fright - Casper
Pedro and Lorenzo
Clip: Fiesta Time

Show #5:
Once Upon a Rhyme - Casper
Little Audrey Riding Hood - Little Audrey
Dante Dreamer
Clip: Winner by a Hare - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare

Show #6:
Mousetro Herman - Herman & Katnip
Boo Bop - Casper
Animal Fair
Clip: Vegetable Vaudeville

Show #7:
Huey's Ducky Daddy - Baby Huey
The Seapreme Court - Little Audrey
Feast and Furious - Finny & Katnip
Clip: Casper's Spree Under the Sea

Disc 1, Side B:

Show #8:
Herman the Catoonist - Herman & Katnip
Ghost of Honor - Casper
Rabbit Punch - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
Clip: Tweet Music

Show #9:
Which is Witch - Casper, Wendy
Case of the Cockeyed Canary - Little Audrey
Perry Popgun
Clip: Sleuth But Sure - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare

Show #10:
Mice Meeting You - Herman & Katnip
True Boo - Casper
Jumping with Toy - Baby Huey
Clip: Ice Scream - Casper

Show #11:
Boos and Saddles - Casper
Git Along Little Ducky - Baby Huey
Shootin' Stars
Clip: Cat Carson Rides Again - Herman & Katnip

Show #12:
Casper Takes a Bow Wow - Casper
Dawg Gone - Little Audrey
Fido Beta Kappa
Clip: By Leaps and Hounds

Show #13:
Cat in the Act - Herman & Katnip
Ghost Writers - Casper
Top Cat
Clip: Starting from Hatch - Baby Huey

Show #14:
Swab the Duck - Baby Huey
Deep Boo Sea - Casper
Ship-a-Hooey - Herman & Katnip
Clip: Drippy Mississippi

Disc 2, Side A:

Show #15:
Of Mice and Menace - Herman & Katnip
Ghost of the Town - Casper
TV Fuddlehead
Clip: Law and Audrey - Little Audrey

Show #16:
Do or Diet - Casper
You Said a Mouseful - Herman & Katnip
The Voice of the Turkey
Clip: Hysterical History

Show #17:
Mice-Capades - Herman & Katnip
Fright from Wrong - Casper
Clip: Houndabout

Show #18:
One Funny Knight - Herman & Katnip
Red, White, and Boo - Casper
Silly Science
Clip: Dizzy Dinosaurs

Show #19:
Boo Kind to Animals - Casper
Surf Bored - Little Audrey
Okey Dokey Donkey
Clip: Fun at the Fair

Show #20:
Robin Rodenthood - Herman & Katnip
Cage Fright - Casper
Bopin Hood
Clip: Hold the Lion Please - Little Audrey

Show #21:
Good Scream Fun - Casper
Mouseum - Herman & Katnip
Fine Feathered Fiend
Clip: Forest Fantasy

Disc 2, Side B:

Show #22:
Drinks on the Mouse - Herman & Katnip [edit- sleeping pills end gag]
Pig-a-Boo - Casper
News Hound
Clip: Trick or Tree

Show #23:
Owly to Bed - Herman & Katnip
Boo-Hoo Baby - Casper
Bouncing Benny
Clip: Hound About That

Show #24:
Ground Hog Play - Casper
Sock-a-Bye Kitty - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
Talking Horse Sense
Clip: Aero-Nutics

Show #25:
Party Smarty - Baby Huey
Casper's Birthday Party - Casper
Clip: Mighty Termite

Show #26:
Zero the Hero - Casper
Cat-Choo - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
Finnegan's Flea
Clip: No Place Like Rome

Show #27:
City Kitty - Katnip
Spooking About Africa - Casper
Clip: Without Time or Reason

Show #28:
Of Mice and Magic - Herman & Katnip
Puss N Boos - Casper
Funderful Suburbia
Clip: The Boss is Always Right

Disc 3, Side A:

Show #29:
To Boo or Not to Boo - Casper
Mousieur Herman - Herman & Katnip
Good and Guilty
Clip: Miners 49ers

Show #30:
Boos and Arrows - Casper
Fiddle Faddle
Land of the Lost Watches
Clip: Fishing Tackler - Little Audrey

Show #31:
Pest Pupil - Baby Huey
Hooky Spooky - Casper
Kozmo Goes to School
Clip: Busy Buddies

Show #32:
One Quack Mind - Baby Huey
Heir Restorer - Casper
Cool Cat Blues
Clip: Surf and Sound - Herman & Katnip

Show #33:
Boo Ribbon Winner - Casper
Goodie the Gremlin
Cape Kidnaveral
Clip: Candy Cabaret

Show #34:
Monkey Doodles
Hide and Shriek - Casper
Popcorn and Politics
Clip: Snooze Reel

Disc 3, Side B:

Show #35:
Little Boo Peep - Casper
Trouble Date
The Shoe Must Go On
Clip: Gag and Baggage

Show #36:
A Bicep Built for Two - Herman & Katnip
North Pal - Casper
The Kid from Mars
Clip: Counter Attack

Show #37:
Huey's Father's Day - Baby Huey
Peek-a-Boo - Casper
Lion in the Roar
Clip: Fresh Yeggs

Show #38:
Sky Scrappers - Herman & Katnip
By the Old Mill Scream - Casper
Poop Goes the Weasel
Clip: From Dime to Dime

Show #39:
Audrey the Rainmaker - Little Audrey
Casper Genie - Casper
Right Off the Bat
Clip: TV or Not TV

Show #40:
From Mad to Worse - Herman & Katnip
Doing What's Fright - Casper
Stork Raving Mad
Clip: Hi-Fi Jinx

Disc 4, Side A:

Show #41:
Hide and Peak - Herman & Katnip
La Petite Parade
The Oily Bird
Sir Irving and Jeames

Show #42:
Down to Mirth - Casper
Turtle Scoop - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
The Inquisit Visit
Katnip's Big Day - Herman & Katnip, Buzzy [original soundtrack]

Show #43:
Keep Your Grin Up - Casper
L'Amour the Merrier
Possum Pearl
Clip: Disguise the Limit

Show #44:
Not Ghoulty - Casper
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
Grateful Gus

Show #45:
Penguin For Your Thoughts - Casper
Mr. Money Gags - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
Quack A Doodle Doo - Baby Huey

Show #46:
Spook and Span - Casper
Mice Paradise - Herman & Katnip
Cock-a-Doodle Dino
Kitty Cornered

Disc 4, Side B:

Show #47:
Felineous Assault - Herman & Katnip
Dutch Treat - Casper
Fit to be Toyed
Party Smarty - Baby Huey [the only cartoon repeated on the DVD set]

Show #48:
Rail Rodents - Herman & Katnip
Spook No Evil - Casper
Mike the Masquerader
Better Bait Than Never - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]

Show #49:
Spunky Skunky - Casper
The Awful Tooth - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack / original 1960s Harveytoons TV titles]
The Planet Mouseola
Clip: Off We Glow

Show #50:
Line of Screamage - Casper
As the Crow Lies - Buzzy & Katnip [original soundtrack]
The Lion's Busy

Show #51:
Spooking with a Brogue - Casper
Will Do Mousework - Herman & Katnip
Be Mice to Cats
The Phantom Moustacher

Show #52:
Frightday the 13th - Casper
Frighty Cat - Herman & Katnip
Spooking of Ghosts
Cane and Able

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