Monday, September 04, 2006

Saturday Night Live DVDs

Who do I have to kill in order to get Lorne Michaels to produce DVD sets of the first 105 episodes of "Saturday Night Live" from 1975-1980 in their entirety? Of course, there are some worthy later episodes, particularly the 1987-1992 era, but I am sick of these "Best of's" like "The Best of Gail Matthius" or "The Best of Danitra Vance" mainly because they sometimes use partial skits.

A real example is on "The Best of Chris Farley" DVD where they have Paul McCartney on "The Chris Farley Show". They only use the second half of the skit! The biggest laugh is in the first half of the skit when Chris asks, "Do you remember when you were with The Beatles?" Just sloppy. Who edits these things?

That's why I want complete episodes. Let the viewer decide. There have always been low points in "SNL" since day one (Bill Murray as the lounge singer comes to mind), but does that mean that this stuff has to be relegated to the cutting room floor? The batting average was quite high during those first five years.

I long to see John Belushi say on the "Adopt Belushi for Christmas" skit: "I'd like a roast goose stuffed with drugs and I'd like to come home and play with your daughter." They NEVER play that skit anymore because of the Belushi drug mention, but it was and still is hella funny! Same with "Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers". Never see that on any "Best of's" either.

There was also a lot of good non-drug humor, but those were censored ones that stood out in my mind.

I think my absolute favorite skit (which is available on a "Best of") is where Belushi wins the decathalon eating "Little Chocolate Donuts".

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