Tuesday, September 26, 2006

80s Music

Why do I love 80s music? Well, I don't love ALL 80s music. When they put out 80s compilations that have Air Supply, bad songs by Hall & Oates, bad songs by Chicago, and 70s leftovers that crept into the 80s, I avoid them.

What I do like is the 80s compilations that have that extended mixes of good new wave music. What's interesting about these compiliations is sometimes it is the very first time these mixes appeared in the US.

I can remember easily plopping down $20 or more for an import 12" just to get that rare mix. There used to be a great shop in San Francisco called Butch Wax Records that I used to buy all of this stuff.

Certain groups went crazy with the alternate mixes. I was (an still am) a huge Thompson Twins fan, and every album would have at least four singles, and of those singles, they would have a 7" and then one or two 12" records, each one with a unique mix of the new "hit" song.

Now finally 20 years later you can get CDs of 10-12 of these various mixes. Too bad these weren't available at the time, but oh well, better late than never.

I find 80s music more current than what's currently being released. Isn't that weird?


Mark Arnold

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