Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lee's Comics

My good friend Lee Hester of Lee's Comics in Mountain View and San Mateo, CA, has asked me to write a weekly installment for his weekly email newsletter. I quickly obliged and started the ball rolling with a column devoted to how I got into comic book collecting and my background.

My hope with the column is to shed light onto a different aspect of comic book collecting besides the usual superhero stuff. You see, as I said in the column, I became and still am a collector of more esoteric stuff. It's not that I will turn my nose up at superhero comic books, it's just not my preference. I like Harvey Comics, Archie Comics, Dennis the Menace, EC horror, humor magazines and funny animal books. Although there are fans of these genres, they don't comprise the whole of the industry. It is a small niche that really likes what I like.

Anyway, to sign up for Lee's Newsletter, go to his website at and sign up at the bottom of the main page.

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