Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to Win the War on Terror

Dear President Bush,

Here is how to win the war on terror:
1) Pull all of our troops out of the area.
2) Create a situation in which all of the Arab nations fight amongst themselves instead of us.
3) Sit back and watch.

The Arabs will be too busy fighting each other that they won't need to bother with us.

Actually, the main thing you need to do regardless is to find who is supplying all of these Arabs with ammunition. I am constantly seeing footage on my television of these guys shooting their rifles randomly in the air when they are celebrating something. Why don't you blow up the weapons of non-mass  destruction? Why don't you get all the troops to round up all of the supplies needed to produce bombs? Why don't you disable all of their transportation sources as they seem to use car bombs regularly?

Why? Why? Why?

Until then, we are foolish to wage any fictious 'War on Terror'.

It would also be good to take a few tips from the British on how to run the area. WE set up Iraq in a "peace sign" shape of 3 countries. One is Kurdland, one is Shi'iteland, one is Suniland. There. Done. We go home. We claim victory. We move on to other things instead of fighting another Viet Nam!!!

Yeah I know someone reading this that some of my views are rather simplistic and may be presented in kind of a silly fashion, but really George, WHAT ARE WE REALLY DOING TO WIN THE WAR ON TERROR?

All I see is you going on TV every other night saying that we need to stay the course and not cut and run. What for? Does it really matter? Even if we pulled out now and said, "Alright Iraq, you win.", what would that really mean? Iraq or most any other country for that matter has no ability to take over our country in that fashion. They can't even govern themselves, much less a country many times larger than themselves.

I'm going to end this (cut and run) before I really get sore, you stubborn fool...

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