Monday, August 28, 2006

Laverne and Shirley DVD

I picked up the first season DVD set of "Laverne and Shirley". Although I am enjoying it, it is kind of a cheat since the first season was really a half a season and wasn't their best stuff. I find Cindy Williams attempting a New York accent in these early episodes especially annoying. Thankfully, she dropped it by the second season. And the Fonz shows up way too often, but of course, this was a spin-off from "Happy Days" airing in early 1976.

Like it or not, "L&S" actually improved until they moved to LA, and even some of those episodes are good. Where it really went down hill fast is when Cindy Williams had some sort of dispute and it basically became "The Laverne Show" after that until the series ended in 1983.

My favorite episode of all time features "Dead Lazlo's Place" where Lenny inherits a diner from his Uncle Lazlo and both Lenny and Squiggy and later Laverne and Shirley make attempts at running it. The scenes where Laverne is cooking and Shirley is the harassed waitress are classic.

There are some great lines in this episode like "Betty, pick up please" in which Laverne insists on calling Shirley Betty as that sounds more like a waitress name. And, "Lucky, lucky, for the next ten minutes everything comes free with pancakes" after Laverne accidentally pours pancake batter over everything she's cooking.

I took a quick Google search and found out that this episode originally aired in the fifth season and was called "The Diner" and aired originally on May 6, 1980. It was episode #111. I'm not alone that this was indeed a classic episode.

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