Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Well, I'm finally caught up, so bring on season 6! If you don't know, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is the HBO series starring Larry David that can be best described as "Seinfeld" without Seinfeld. It's actually more than that, but the similarities are there as David created and wrote for both shows.

The 10-episode seasons usually air in the Fall each year, and then the following Summer they are released to DVD. That's why I just caught up and saw the most-recently aired episodes of Season 5. Larry actually dies in the last episode prompting many to speculate whether the series would actually continue.

According to other sources, they are, which is very good news...and yes, Larry will be in them and very much alive.

BTW, if you're upset that I've spoiled it for you by mentioning that he died, tough. I knew he was going to die before I saw this season and it didn't ruin my enjoyment of these episodes one bit.

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