Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cabin Boy

Am I like the only one who likes this film, yet people always seem to flock to the latest lousy Will Ferrell opus in droves? While "Cabin Boy" is VERY retarded, it has made me laugh heartily on repeated viewings. I guess it all depends on your tolerance of Chris Elliott. Understandably not the most handsome of people, and maybe that's the key as to why I like it and others don't. People tolerate Ferrell and Sandler and their antics because they are reasonably good looking, but I just go for the humor and execution of it more than looks. I can't really explain it. It's kind of the "Three Stooges" school of comedy and they CERTAINLY weren't good looking, especially Shemp!

And any film with David Letterman back in his funny days can't be all bad..."You wanna buy a monkey?"

Upon writing this, I read the reviews on Amazon and was surprised that I am indeed not alone, but everyone has mentioned that this film is kind of a "guilty pleasure" and that many will not "get it".

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