Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fleischer Story

Rereading a book I haven't read in ages called "The Fleischer Story" by Leslie Cabarga. Leslie has recently become a friend of mine and because of that and also that Richard Fleischer recently issued his Fleischer biography before he passed away, I decided to read Cabarga's book again.

I applaud Cabarga's efforts as it is probably the first written account of what happened to the studio that founded Betty Boop. In fact, Fleischer's book is almost an edited rehash of Cabarga's book, but I enjoyed it too, nonetheless (probably because of the subject matter).

Anyway, "The Fleischer Story" I believe is out of print. If it's not, then I suggest rushing out to buy it before it does, or you can buy it through Amazon or Abebooks through my website. And buy Richard Fleischer's book, too.

Fun, fun, fun for fans of Boop, Popeye and Superman...

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