Thursday, September 08, 2011

This is Post 1000!

So, I got out of my funk. I think I figured out why I was down, but I don't want to publicize it here. It was nothing serious. I just felt like sleeping or just lying on the couch all day. It's hard to be motivated or enthusiastic when I feel like this and it doesn't matter how much success or good times you experience, the lulls come now and then and you just have to slog through them, knowing in the back of the mind that it'll be over in a day or two. Now, back to writing! I am starting a book on writer George Gladir of Archie and Cracked fame. George is very enthusiastic about working with me. If you don't know, he's written just about every Archie story for the past 50 years and even created Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. I plan to cover all aspects of his career, so if you have any questions you'd like answered or if you have some artwork or other images you'd like to share for the book, please let me know.

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