Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Roadrunner DVD a Disappointment

I will carry on my usual tirade about the strange way that Warner Bros. releases their Looney Tunes cartoons. I am a huge proponent of releasing all 1000+ cartoons chronologically and have stated in previous posts how you could do that without alienating a lot of people with a lot of Bosko and Buddy cartoons. On the positive side, these cartoons have not been released before on the Golden Collection (although the box states that three have been released before elsewhere). On the negative side, latter-day post-Chuck Jones cartoons are featured and even some made for the Internet apparently. Oh well. More Looney Tunes are due out soon on Blu-Ray, but once again Warner Bros. is releasing everything haphazardly by reissuing stuff already on DVD combined with stuff never before released to DVD. Frustrating.

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Joe Torcivia said...


Given what was happened over the last decade, I don’t think it is possible for Looney Tunes on DVD to be “fixed”! At least in any way you and I would agree with.

Your long ago suggestion of chronological – but with a set of an early year and a later year combined – remains the best one I’ve ever heard.

But, since they’ve already gone down the road of “favorites first” with Blu-ray, it’s never gonna happen. I’ll just enjoy the Blu-ray for what it is, and leave it at that!

I'm actually glad to see Larriva cartoons on this set -- instead of Jones double-dips! Can do without any web-stuff, though.