Monday, September 19, 2011

Herman and Katnip DVD

So, it came in the mail. They use "The Harveytoon Show" versions of H&K and sometimes have a condensed music opening for each cartoon, but it is not the complete theme song each time, just an edited version. I don't know the cartoons well enough to know if they have been edited as well, but they did somehow cram 33 cartoons onto the single disc set. It features every cartoon from "Mice Meeting You" to "Katnip's Big Day" except the one with Buzzy and the ones made prior to 1950. The cover picture is the same, but repainted and "The Complete Series" is in a blue spot. The end credits appear every fourth cartoon and are generic, not specific to each individual cartoon. As usual, you have to play the disc to see the contents as they are not listed on the back. There is no booklet. The run time is listed at 208 minutes. Overall, not bad if you want all the cartoons in one place, but kinda chintzy considering they could have gotten Jerry Beck and myself to give commentaries and historical backgrounds.

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