Friday, August 12, 2011

New Overstreet Price Guide is Out...

I posted this on "Richie Rich's Vault" and now on my blog...

I still buy "Overstreet" like a fool, but mainly because my name is listed in it year after year. I actually did send in some corrections this time out, and expect about half of them to be ignored. "Overstreet" STILL doesn't list all of the Harvey Comics produced by Jeff Montgomery, nor do they list ANY of the Harvey Comics that Marvel published.

I keep trying.

As far as values go, I do a spot check each year to see what they say "Casper" #1 (St. John), "Richie Rich" #1 (1960) and "Little Dot" #1 (1953) have risen to, just for kicks. Unfortunately, the "Guide" has not been a reliable source of information for years as far as values go. The last time I saw a comic value go down dramatically was "Howard the Duck" #1 (1976), but it has risen since, and is now higher than the original peak.

I work with Lee and Lee's Comics often and he says that except for the few key issues, most everything else is overvalued that has come out in the past 40 years, especially the lengthy runs of "X-Men" apart from #94 and "Giant Size" #1. Stuff like that hasn't sold for guide for years.

He does say that old Harveys do fly out the door at almost any price nowadays, something that never happened 20-30 years ago. He does, however, generally price them very fairly and when he does get them in, most can be had for $10 or less. More for non-Harvey World comics.

He does mail order too, if anyone cares and is a strict grader, which is why his prices are so good and he has a 100% rating on Ebay. Most comic book dealers overgrade and overcharge because they can.

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