Monday, August 15, 2011

Katy Perry Concert

I know, I know. What the @&$% is Mark going to a Katy Perry concert for? Well, I did enjoy myself. Katy is visually pleasing as were the thousands of teenage and early 20 something girls in attendance. Katy is not the greatest singer, but she does put on a pretty good show. Not great, but very good. Christina Aguilera has much better vocal chops, but Katy's not bad. She's better than Britney Spears in the vocals department. But really, does anyone really go to these things to listen to the singing? It's really a Cirque Du Soliel type of visual presentation complete with some magic and trapeze artists.

Katy, at two albums, doesn't really have enough material yet to sustain a two-plus hour concert, but again, that's not really the point. Both men and women are there to ogle the lovely Ms. Perry. She did have some funny moments, but there was a bit of a lull in the middle and strangely, she did all of her biggest hits in the first 20 minutes, saving only her "TGIF" song for the encore. It was Friday, naturally.

Anyway, to recommend or not recommend is mainly based on your liking of visual eye candy. If you are going for some solid singing and real showmanship, Katy doesn't quite have it yet, but is close. Give her a couple more albums with good material, assuming she's not a flash-in-the-pan and has some staying power.

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