Monday, August 08, 2011

Archie Art Show a Success

Here's some photos from yesterday's Family Fun Day at the Cartoon Art Museum. Archie co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit was on hand as was the brother of the late Jon D'Agostino, longtime inker at Archie. Current inker Rich Kozlowski was on hand to do sketches. Greg Beda, Alan Groening and I went up. Steve Leialoha and Trina Robbins showed up. Linda and Skeet Rose brought an Archie cake from Goldilocks. And my high school friend Andy showed up with his daughter.

Many more photos than this were taken as I and the others were minor celebrities for the day.

After a bit, Greg, Alan, Andy, her daughter and I went to eat at Mel's Diner.

At the end of the day, Nancy was dropped off and was heading back to her hotel by the airport. I asked if she wanted a ride back instead of a taxi, since we were going that direction anyway. Initially nervous because of her fearing headlines such as "Rapid Archie Fanboys Kidnap Archie CEO", she did agree to go and we dropped her off without incident at her hotel.

The Archie Art Show continues at the Cartoon Art Museum, 655 Mission, in San Francisco until December 4.

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