Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pop Culture Convention a Success With Richie Rich

I went to do my panel at the PCA/ACA National Conference in San Francisco. Dr. Kathy Merlock Jackson and I did a presentation on Richie Rich. Our presentation was called "Dollars and Dandy Devices: Richie Rich as Prototype for Gadget-Oriented Baby Boomers".

At first I thought it was going to be a disaster as my dad and I created a DVD slide show of selected Richie Rich drawings and covers, but when I got to the Marriott hotel to test it out on their equipment, it didn't work! Another speaker who was discussing Oprah Winfrey put in his DVD that he burned, and it worked fine.

Kathy and I had a backup plan that I would hold up the comics books, as she fortunately brought them with her. Luckily Dr. Harold Dorton brought his laptop and that saved the day. Before that, we were told that the Marriott could rent a laptop to us for only $250!!

The presentation went without a hitch and a few questions were asked. I should have taken photos, but for some reason, the thought didn't even cross my mind.

The PCA/ACA National Conference isn't a conference I normally attend, but this was my second time, as it was in San Diego in 2005 and San Francisco this year. Next year, it will be in New Orleans and plans to be in California again won't be until after 2014.

Hopefully, greater things will happen due to this and other papers and presentations Kathy and I are doing. See
for another example of our collaborations.

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