Monday, May 22, 2006

Supercon and San Diego Comic Con International

I went to Super-Con yesterday and had fun. I was very good about not spending much money until Phil from the Comic Collector Shop informed me that one dealer had a ton of Harveys. "Oh no!", I said. And he did have quite a few that I don't have yet (FYI, I still need about 533 issues to complete my collection and finding missing issues in good condition at a reasonable price is becoming harder and harder.) Anyway, after plopping down $73 I came away with about 20 books. Not bad, but not as good as the old days when I could buy a complete long box of Harveys for under $50.

Oh well. I'm happy with my purchase. Now, on to San Diego in July. I will be working for Lee at Lee's Comics, so come by and say hi...

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