Friday, May 26, 2006

Being a Beatles Fan is Tough

Being a Beatles fan is tough because there's a number of things for whatever reason, both group and solo, that have not been released or re-released in an updated format. I will attempt to list a few below that have never been released in a legitimate form (i.e. not bootleg):

Beatles -
"Live at the Hollywood Bowl" CD
Any Beatles live CD
"The Beatles at Shea Stadium" DVD
"Let it Be" DVD
"Rock 'n' Roll Music" CD
"Love Songs" CD
"The Beatles Christmas Album" CD
Complete Decca audition CD
An "Anthology" greatest hits CD
The Complete BBC Sessions on CD
CD upgrades with better booklets

George Harrison
A live CD from the Dark Horse tour from 1974
A good career-spanning greatest hits CD
CD debuts of rarities and non-album tracks
"Live in Japan" DVD

Paul McCartney
"James Paul McCartney" DVD
"Wings Over the World" DVD
"Rock Show" DVD
A music video DVD
A Live CD from the early days of Wings tours
Oodles of demos and unreleased stuff ("Cold Cuts" box set)
A good post-Wings career-spanning greatest hits CD

John Lennon
"Live in New York City" DVD
"Tom Snyder Interview" DVD
"Mike Douglas Show" DVD (although I heard one is coming
"Jerry Lewis Telethon" performances in any form
"Imagine" DVD (not the documentary, but the 1971 feature)

Ringo Starr
"Scouse the Mouse" CD
"Ringo" (aka "Ognir Rrats") DVD
A music video DVD
Live DVDs of the the All-Starr Band tours not yet on DVD
The Chips Moman album on CD
"VH1 Storytellers" DVD
A good career-spanning greatest hits CD

Those are a few that pop off the top of my head...

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Improvedliving said...

well last day i started singing a song in the classroom.

Beatles Fan