Monday, May 29, 2006

Flip Wilson Show

I'm rewatching the old "Flip Wilson Show" (1970-1974) DVDs again. I am annoyed that they only have five episodes on each disc and there's only two discs and that the shows have been severely edited to half-hour shows, when the original series aired as an hour long show.

Maybe Rhino (or Shout Factory) will see fit to release all 65 episodes in their full length versions. Flip is generally forgotten today due to his basically dropping out of sight after his show ended in 1974, and then dying in 1998. But Flip is just as important or even more important than comedians like Richard Pryor or Bill Cosby, because he was like a combination of both of those performers. He wasn't so "hip" like Pryor so as to be censored on the airwaves ("SNL" tape delay and segments of "Richard Pryor" show) or so "nice" like Cosby ("The Bill Cosby Show", "Cos", "The New Bill Cosby Show", "The Cosby Show" and "Cosby" plus Jell-O pudding commercials) became. It's a shame he isn't more revered today, being relegated to such status as Godfrey Cambridge or Dick Gregory, basically forgotten today.

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