Friday, January 20, 2006

Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers

Here's the latest inquiry at "Richie Rich's Vault"?

Just what is the deal with JACKIE JOKERS?

Ernie Colon did not create Jackie Jokers. He mainly drew the feature. And yes, it was commonplace for kid characters to do adult things. Like even Richie traveling the world, isn't he supposed to be in school? Granted he's rich, but you never see a tutor. Unless Cadbury is doing it.

It's fantasy, pure and simple and Jackie Jokers was simply an excuse to put a comedian character in Harvey Comics. His name was derived from Jackie Gleason. BTW, did you know that Jackie was originally designed as a character with blonde curly hair a la Harpo Marx?

"Jokers" ran for four flop issues before being replaced by "Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers" in late 1973.


Mark Arnold

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