Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Peter Sellers vs. Blake Edwards

I posted this on Amazon with no response yet, so I'll throw it out there... Since there is going to be a new "Pink Panther" film with Steve Martin, discussion has occured about the previous films as to what qualifies as an "official" "Pink Panther" film. Some argued that "Inspector Clouseau" from 1968 wasn't official because Peter Sellers did not star and Blake Edwards did not direct, yet the film was written by writers who wrote many of the later films. I tend to count it.

It has now become popular myth that Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards hated each other after "A Shot in the Dark" (1964) and refused to work with each other when "Inspector Clouseau" was proposed in 1968. Yet, that same year Sellers and Edwards DID work with each other on "The Party"! Is the real story that they were sick of each other, or more accurately, sick of "The Pink Panther"? Does anyone really know? No speculation please.

Of course, they did work together again on three new "Pink Panther" films in the 70s and probably would have continued if Sellers hadn't died, since Edwards went on to do three more without him...


Mark Arnold

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