Thursday, January 26, 2006

EC Comics

I've been reading (slowly) the reprinted comic books from EC that originally appeared from 1950-1956 and were reprinted during the 1990s. I am currently reading issues that appeared at the end of 1954 and it really was kind of sad that whole crackdown on basically EC's entire line just when they were getting more interesting.

I blame Archie Comics for jealousy about EC as to how the whole Comics Code thing came about, even more than Dr. Wertham's book. EC could have weathered the storm if they were still allowed to be distributed, but the Comics Code just nixed their entire line without offering another solution. Even titles that continued like "Panic" and "Weird Science-Fantasy" weren't the same and EC was forced to create some new ones that didn't sell.

Of course, they lucked out with "Mad", but just barely at first...


Mark Arnold

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