Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mad Magazine

Whatever happened to the self-depracating "Mad" magazine that I knew and loved? When "Mad" decided to reprint their material in the past, it came out under names such as "The Worst From Mad", "More Trash From Mad", "A Golden Trashery of Mad", etc. Later, they cancelled all of these editions and replaced it with the "Mad Special" (or "Mad Super Special" if you prefer). Even more recently they cancelled that title and replaced it with "Mad XL" (a horrible title) and "Mad Color Classics". Now, they have cancelled those and replaced them with "Mad Classics". Bland and boring! Whatever happened to "Mad's" edge? Someone once said that "Mad" was good up until the issue that came out before you started reading it. I believe it! I first read "Mad" with #172 in January 1975 right after "Mad" had just hit its peak circulation with #161. It's been all downhill ever since. Sad.


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