Monday, March 22, 2010

National Lampoon

I was working with my friend, Lee, last Saturday at the Toy Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Lee is not one to typically purchase things at these shows, but another dealer was selling a goodly amount of old "National Lampoon" magazines. I was not interested as I have all the issues, or so I thought. In the box was a "NatLamp" I had not seen before which was "National Lampoon's Guide to Ft. Lauderdale" with "National Lampoon's Guide to Daytona Beach" on the flip side. Lee graciously let me have this issue.

Meanwhile I advised him that virtually every "Lampoon" produced in the 1970s is good, especially from 1972 through mid-1979. Some say "Lampoon" lost its touch when everyone went over to "Saturday Night Live" in 1975, but I disagree. There are even some good 80s issues, but the novelty and the nudity had left the pages by that time.

"Lampoon" struggled through the 90s and some of those issues are downright embarrassing, but I was a loyal reader until the end and after 246 issues in 1998, they finally through in the towel. They renegotiated their contract with "Harvard Lampoon" (Harvard's humor publication), and now are not allowed to publish a magazine. They can, however, publish books (and have) and slap their name on the occasional film (which they do).

Lee suggested that I write a book on the "National Lampoon". I may, in fact, do that, but not yet. After struggling through the "Cracked" book for the past year, I need a break and am only working on my Beatles book and any upcoming projects that may come along. If anyone's really interested in such a book, please let me know. I might get off my ass and start work on it, if there is indeed genuine interest.

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