Friday, March 26, 2010

Creature Features and Personal Appearances

I was at the "Creature Features" show at the Balboa in San Francisco last night. John Stanley was there along with KGO's movie critic Dennis Willis to host the festivities.

The late Bob Wilkins did make an appearance on video last night and it was a fun "live" recreation of what a real "Creature Features" movie experience was like complete with an interview with the late Frank Gorshin and actual circa 1979-80 commercials.

Before the screening and at the intermission, Stanley and Willis were in the lobby to hock their books and videos and I felt that the time was right that I should start doing the same thing, albeit slowly.

I am planning in the next year or two to start making more and more personal appearances to promote my books and other projects and really start to make a name for myself.

I will be at WonderCon in April in San Francisco, but I am still not quite prepared as I need to get extra copies of my books. If you are reading this and would like to offer me some booth space at this event or some future event, I could work it off with trade or labor. Please let me know at

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