Sunday, June 29, 2008

Superdad Review

I was going to write a review of this "dopey" Disney comedy, but this reader review on IMDB hit the nail on the spot. I agree with it 100%. It says:

"This film is every bit as entertaining as any of the other Disney films of the 1959-1979 period. What do you want?

You got your high jinx. You got your love story. You got your Kurt Russell. You got classic Bruno Kirby. You got your Bob Crane (Colonel Hogan, and unfairly slammed as an actor). You got your mad cap caper. You got your teenage conflict with authority. You got little kids laughing.

Why are we looking for dramatic depth in a Disney kids movie?

I watched this movie several times as a Disney movie of the week in the 70's. We even rented the 16mm version for display at youth conferences. All I have are fond memories and a wish for the video to be added to the other Disney Classics.

Lighten up and go with the flow, man!"

Leonard Maltin gives this film a BOMB rating. There are worse films and even worse Disney films that even he ranks higher, even from the same vintage. Try watching "King of the Grizzlies" for example or "The Legend of Lobo". If you want to compare it to Disney comedies, I can watch this any day over "Moon Pilot" or "One Little Indian", comedies that Maltin gives 3 stars and 2 1/2 stars respectively.

I consider this film as one of the "Dexter Riley" films in disguise, especially since it has Kurt Russell and Joe Flynn.

The official Dexter Riley films are "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" (1969), "Now You See Him, Now You Don't" (1972) and "The Strongest Man in the World" (1975). "Superdad" (1973) and "The Barefoot Executive" (1971) should belong on the list.

"Superdad" is finally available on DVD only through the Disney Movie Club, though you might also find it on Ebay.

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