Sunday, June 08, 2008

Robert C. Sproul and Cracked

Whatever happened to Robert C. Sproul, the longtime publisher of "Cracked" magazine (or "mazagine") from 1958-1985? Is he dead or just retired?

If anyone knows of his current whereabouts, I'd be keen to know. An extensive Google search has turned up a little information about him, but not what he's been up to since 1985.

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bill said...

I enjoyed Cracked when it first appeared, but we all knew, me and my friends sprawled out on the floor dissecting MAD magazine, that Cracked would never match the humor-through-art of Don...oh Don whats-is-name?

billsproul said...

Robert C. Sproul is my father. We worked together on Cracked for many years.He remained retired after selling the business and traveled the world when not enjoying his beloved Florida. We lost him September 29, 2007. He was 86 years old.A remarkable guy, spirited and funny until his last breath. Cracked was a lot of fun to do. We went to work by boat often. The office was on the beach. It was the good old days.

billsproul said...

If you want more info: email me,

Bill Sproul