Monday, May 19, 2008

Clyde Flipside

I was reading an old issue of "Cracked" #52 (June 1966) and they had a four page article about "The Flipsides" featuring a cartoon janitor named Clyde Flipside. It says that it was to be a series airing soon produced by Krantz Films.

In doing extensive searches on the Internet, I couldn't find anything further about this film or series, yet Clyde Flipside looks REALLY familiar, like "The Flipsides" came out under a different name. Clyde resembles a cuter, more cartoony version of "Cracked's" mascot, Sylvester P. Smythe.

There is also a vampire character named Count Flipside, a singer named Flip Flipside, and a director named Cecil B. Flipside.

In looking up Krantz, all I could find was info about "Spider-Man", "Rocket Robin Hood", "Max, the 2000 year old Mouse", but nothing about this series.

Please help.

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