Sunday, May 04, 2008

Archie Fan Club Button

I realized that there are not two, but THREE Archie Fan Club buttons produced over the years.

FYI, here's the date range for the Archie buttons:

1. 1950s-1971 - Says "Member Archie Club" with Archie in a bow-tie.

2. 1972-1973 - Says "Member Archie Club" with Archie's head only in updated drawing.

3. 1974-1990s - Says "Official Member Archie Club" with Archie's head only and "Archie Club" in balloon lettering.

#3 is easy to find. #1 is a little bit harder, but it's #2 that's the difficult one as it was only available for two years!!

I finally purchased #2, so now my collection is complete!!


Lee Hester said...

How about posting pictures of these buttons on your blog for your vast audience of Arnold Fan-Addicts?

Mark Arnold said...

Will do, once I receive the missing pin.

desertratguy said...

That's pretty interesting about the club pins - is the "club" still in existance? I was a memeber in the early 70's, I need to find my pin to see which type it was...

Mark Arnold said...

The club is still in existence, but the pins and membership cards are not.