Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sicko Review

As with all Michael Moore projects, I loved "Sicko". What's interesting about Moore, is that I don't always agree with his politics and also I know sometimes he manipulates his facts somewhat to prove a point. What he does do with this and all of his films is to make his films entertaining and to make you think. "Sicko" was at once very funny and also very depressing. The best part was when Moore mentioned the word "socialism" and visions of old USSR stock footage appeared in the background while he revealed that the US has socialized schools, libraries, firefighters and police. We're just idiots about this stupid health care issue. We could easily adjust to a universal healthcare model if our politicians would stop being bought off. And what are they being bought off for anyway, they already do and will continue to have free healthcare and if done right, the taxes won't go up. Of course, us being the US, we won't do it right, and taxes will soar.

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